Re: Vacancy management & turnover rates
From: rob (
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 08:55:37 -0700 (PDT)
Thank you, Chris. You are absolutely correct - we're geared toward
"renters", at least at this point.


> Rob,
> Are you doing individual private unit ownership cohousing, or are you
> doing a housing cooperative of renters in a cooperatively owned
> building?  HUGE difference effecting whether you can use ownership
> cohousing as a measure of your potential vacancy rates.  If you are a
> planning on the latter, you should be looking into housing co-ops (not
> cohousing) and their vacancy experiences.  Start at
> Chris
> On Aug 5, 2004, at 8:26 AM, rob [at] wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just subscribed to this list, which I should have done some time ago.
>> We're in the process of forming a housing co-op, and pretty far along -
>> we're looking to lease a building for 16 people, many of which are
>> already
>> committed to the project, and we even have an investor who plans to buy
>> and redevelop to our needs. All of this is great.
>> We're currently researching issues for the investor's due process, one
>> of
>> which deals with turnover rates and vacancy management in comparable
>> communities. I'm looking for a couple of things from anyone who'd be
>> willing to share their experience:
>> 1. What vacancy rate have you experienced at your housing cooperatives?
>> I'm looking for success stories and crash-and-burn stories, if
>> possible,
>> and hopefully a little context for each.
>> 2. How do you manage turnover? Details are definitely welcome, like how
>> large a vacancy reserve your co-op maintains, but I'm also interested
>> in
>> the 'theory', things like how the bylaws address turnover, how the
>> community views changes to the group composition, how (in broad terms)
>> you
>> market openings, and whether or not you feel your community is
>> successful
>> in dealing with turnover.
>> 3. Are you familiar with any studies or papers written on the topic? Do
>> you by any chance have something you can share?
>> Thanks for considering these questions. If you have the time and
>> motivation to answer, you'll have a very appreciative audience.
>> BTW, we're forming in Milwaukee as an urban housing cooperative, if
>> anyone
>> is interested we have vacancies!
>> Rob Martin
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