Re: Providence Forming
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 13:07:48 -0700 (PDT)
On 8/15/04 6:56 AM, Shirley DiMatteo and Mel Shelly 
<shelly-dimatteo [at]> wrote:

>How do we get information regarding our small, but serious cohousing 
>group listed as FORMING/

Hi, Shirley, long time no see!

You can write to office at the domain or use the request 
info forms on our website to contact us and get listed.

If your group has a website (or even a YahooGroups or similar area), we 
can link to it, or we can just list contact info (we do ask for info from 
at least three households so we can confirm your group's seriousness and 
have backup ways of contacting the group in case you move or drop out. 
Why don't you post more about it on Coho-L... what you're up to, how 
often you meet (and when), something about the vision/people involved.

We're looking for news from groups like yours to run in Cohousing 
magazine, which gets a lot of attention. You might also follow up with 
Cohousing magazine Editor Evangeline Welch, editor at the same domain 
mentioned above.

You can also place a classified ad in Cohousing magazine and get a link 
directly from our home page and magazine index, in the "Newgroups" 
section, at a reasonable quarterly or annual rate.

We also have a database of more than 10,000 people who have expressed 
interest in cohousing, and you can rent portions of that list (filtered 
by people's permission to give out their info), including getting trade 
credit for leads your group contributes to the database.


Raines Cohen <my initials,2,dash,coho,dash,L at my first name .com>

  Member, Swan's Market Coho [Oakland, CA] <>
Where we're sitting down with the property manager for the rest of the 
building to discuss noise/smell issues related to construction and 
restaurant operation.

  Secretary, Berkeley [CA] Cohousing
Having a quiet summer with lots of vacations.

  Supporter, East Bay Cohousing <>
Meeting next week at Berkeley cohousing.

  Boardmember, Coho/US <>
Preparing our new Strategic Plan for release.

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