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AND Brindledorf, Silver Spring, MD, only 7 units, 5 in one building and 2 
seperate houses on 6 acres with common areas in the main building.  Currently 
an all long term rental cohousing - but no one has ever moved out!

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On Aug 18, 2004, at 8:33 AM, Ann Zabaldo wrote:
> Takoma Village, 43 units,  in DC is a combination of townhouses and
> apartment style units.
> Eastern Village, 56 units, in Silver Spring MD is all apartment style 
> units.

Trillium Hollow, 29 units in Portland, OR, is four stories of apartment 

Cardiff Place, 17 units in Victoria, BC, is all apartment style, 6 in 
an adaptive reuse of an old building

JP Cohousing, 30 units in Boston, MA, is all apartment style

Windsong, 34 units in Langley, BC, is townhouse-like units but all in 
one building, under one roof, all over parking.

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