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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 19:38:03 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Greg,

Are you giving your plan or asking for input?
We've been here seven years.   Done some things well, some some of us'd 
One excellent piece of advice we were given was to get a commercial fridge.   
Ours is in fact a bit bigger than we need [started with 12 households, will 
be at 18 soon.]   Separate freezer.   Our freezer has routinely been used for 
very very few things; ice cream and bread, primarily.   
That was one thing we did right.

Our stive has four burners, sometimes we could use six.
Periodically we wish we had a second oven, something I think you're planning.
dishwasher.   We've spent lots of time on this.   We started with a used 
commercial one.   Often it did not get stuff clean in one pass.   Means 
carrying a 
rack of often heavy and hot items... in our case, across the room.   We now 
have a new commercial one.   Someone in the group recently asked, informally 
why we didn't just get two homestyle ones.   I have to agree.   For a number of 
reasons.   Ecologically/environmentally, homestyle dishwashers win:   
Consumers Reports says not to pre-rinse.   For the commercial one, each dish is 
pre-rinsed.   Wasting serious amounts of water.   
It also means schlepping heavy trays of dishes, so not everyone is willing to 
use it. Our orginal was counter height, this one is below... either way, 
trays are heavy! In fact, the dishwasher was used tonight, but it's used... 
than half the time would be a fair estimate.   Would strongly recommend 
reading CU reviews and going for the best homestyle.   It'll save you a 
couple of thousand dollars...   While the comradery of clean up can be a 
delight.... that's when there're enough folks to stick around and help....   
With a 
homestyle, you load and leave.. or hang out.   According to the report, they 
now incredibly quiet.   

Happy cooking!
Ruth Hirsch, Cantines Island, Saugerties,NY

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> Subject: [C-L]_ CH kitchen equipment / design
> Jamaica Plain Cohousing is well into construction of our 30 units and
> we are planning out our CH kitchen needs.  I've been looking at all of
> the postings for kitchen equipment (thank you Diane Simpson for
> collecting most!) and would like some confirmation / affirmation /
> updated information on my notes:
> 1. Dishwasher:
> An under counter commercial with a preheat system.  We will need space
> for heat booster next to dishwasher.
> Some models can recycle the water.  Is this important?
> Any comments on a counter-height commercial dish washer?
> Get 4 trays -2 glass/plate, 2 silverware, etc.
> 2. Dish washing sinks:
> Definitely get a double-deep sink with a wide basin for big things.  A
> spray nozzle is very handy.  It is recommended to get a sink with a
> countertop that can hold wet/dirty dishes and a lot of water (from the
> spraying and the trays).  This can be an integrated stainless steel
> sink/counter from a restaurant supply company (used).
> 3. Cooking range:
> Stick with a residential model to avoid expensive hoods and fire
> suppression systems required by building officials.  An electric
> convection oven w/ gas burners is preferred for control of temperature.
>   We will probably need two 30" units.
> A broiler is not used often and not needed.
> Will the burners be hot/large enough to boil water / cook a big pot
> o'chili?  Are there separate high-powered burners that can be
> counter-mounted?
> How useful are stacked ovens? - any concerns raised regarding ADA?
> 3a. Hood:
> A high powered residential one is preferred for above reasons.  Avoid a
> noisy one as it will not be used as often.
> 4. Refrigerator:
> A single large residential (22 cubic feet) is enough for the average
> community.  The freezer-on-the-bottom kind is good.  If the kitchen
> committee is well-tuned, leftovers will be hard-to-find and unmarked
> tin foil blobs will be extinct.
> 5. Prep area:
> A large separate prep area with a lowered counter height for kids /
> sitting / wheel chair accessibility.  We plan on having a sink here for
> food washing.  A butcher-block island is great with storage underneath
> for tools, etc.
> 6. General:
> No cabinet doors.  Well-marked storage containers and drawers are
> preferred.
> We have linoleum floors which are preferred to ceramic tile for
> cleanliness and comfort.
> A large pantry.
> Anyone lock away expensive small things?  Knives, etc?  Interested in
> loss/borrow/theft and safety with kids.
> What did I forget?
> Thanks all, and happy cooking.
> greg smith  .  jamaica plain cohousing

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