Re: per household vs. per person
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 11:34:47 -0700 (PDT)
Here's how we've addressed these issues at Heartwood.  I think our
approaches have been fair and equitable - at least as fair and equitable as
I could hope for:

>> Has anyone dealt with the question of whether a single-person household
>> should be considered the same as a couple household (with or without kids)
>> re:
>> - Work requirements
>> - Participation in a committee
All of our work and team participation is strictly voluntary so this is a
moot point for us.

>> - Common costs (common house, infrastructure, land)
The initial construction costs for these common assets were divided evenly
amongst the 24 households, but then premiums and discounts were applied to
all the lots based on relative attractiveness of the lots (next to forest is
a premium, next to road is a discount).  The result was that folks buying
the nicer lots paid more of the common costs.

>> - Maintenance fee
>> - contributing to cost of optional workshops or professionals like
>> facilitators
Our HOA budget is paid 50% on a per household basis and 50% on a per person
basis.  We've reviewed this formula a couple of times and it seems to be
pretty equitable.

Hope this helps,

Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing
Southwest Colorado

"Good architecture lets Nature in."
   - Mario Pei

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