Re: Renters in Condo Docs
From: Peg Blum (
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 08:37:42 -0700 (PDT)
  Jeanne Goodman asked:
  > Do your condo docs refer to any policies associated with rental policies
or roommates? Any recommendations?>

  Cambridge Cohousing (MA) Bylaws refer to the establishment of Rules and
Regulations, which include rules on rental and leasing of units.  One of our
5 Rules & Regs is "Rentals."  The bylaws and R&R's can be found on our

  The rules apply only to rentals when the owner is absent.  The purpose of
the regulation is to ensure that rentals are short-term and infrequent and
that most units are owner-occupied.

  We also have 2 rental units owned by the Cambridge Housing Authority and
these are addressed in the Bylaws in section on Decision Making/Voting

  One question that often arises when an owner is renting is how the
"required" participation will be carried out.  For us that includes "trash
duty" and "security," but might also include meal participation.  Most
owners request that tenants accept those duties, but it is not spelled out

  Peg Blum

  Cambridge Cohousing
  Cambridge, MA

  pegb [at]

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