Re: [C-L] creating a farming community?
From: Elaine (
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 13:08:27 -0700 (PDT)
Hello, I currently live in cohousing but some friends and I would like to
buy acreage in northern Oregon. Instead of a common house we would have a
common barn, common milk cow, common farm equipment, etc. (although we think
we can also manage a common tipi or yurt). We're talking between three to
six families on about 100 acres that would, in time, produce a very modest
income from small-scale biodynamic farming. Looks like we would buy the
property with a USDA loan. We would have our own dwellings (not necessarily
in separate buildings). Financially, this seems to be the only way we can
realize our dreams of owning land on the west coast.

I'm curious what sort of snags we might hit. Are we technically a
subdivision? Do you know of other people who have done something like this?
If so, I would love to be connected with them. My internet searches have
turned up much bigger enterprises/communities than we have in mind.

Thanks in advance,
Cascadia Commons Cohousing
Portland, OR

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