National Cohousing Wire Service Story Scheduled for Labor Day
From: Zev Paiss (
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 20:31:42 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Cohousers,

We wanted to let you know that the Scripps Howard News Service will be
distributing on their national wire a very favorable and lengthy feature
article about cohousing this coming Monday (Sept 5).

We worked closely with the writer and the story originally appeared in the
July 17, 2004 issue of the Rocky Mountain News.  A text version can be found
on our website at:

Since this story may be picked up by many newspapers, including one in your
town, this presents a prime opportunity for you to get favorable media
coverage of your community in your local paper. If you are seeking a
newspaper story about your project, we suggest you contact the "City Desk
Editor" and let him/her know about the upcoming story that will be coming
over the wire on Monday and offer your project as a local angle on the
cohousing story. 

It would also be advisable to have prepared press release that you could fax
or email to the Editor immediately after speaking with him.

We would be grateful to know if you see the story in your local or regional
paper next week.

In Community,

Zev and Neshama Paiss
ZPaiss [at]

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