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Cohousing Magazine - September 10, 2004
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New plans for the cohousing movement

by Rick Mockler, Coho/US President-Elect
Muir Commons, Davis, Calif.

September is a time of change for many of us. Our younger cohousers are 
beginning a new school year with all that entails - new studies, new 
friends and perhaps a bit more maturity. At work, fall often means new 
projects and plans. Similarly, at Coho/US, we are also maturing, planning 
and making new friends.

The most fundamental change at Coho/US this year is in our relationship 
with cohousers. We're looking for cohousers to become our partners, not 
our customers. If our mission is to build awareness of cohousing and to 
encourage the development of new communities, our natural allies are the 
people living there already, who already get it.

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Current cohousing opportunities:

Groups Seeking New Members/Neighbors in: Boulder, CO (NEW! For seniors); 
Lyons, CO (NEW!); Sacramento, CA; Silver Spring, MD; Central Florida; 
Santa Rosa, CA

Units for Sale in Completed Communities in: Santa Fe, NM (NEW!); W. 
Seattle, WA (NEW!); Durango, CO (Reduced); So. Decatur, GA (NEW!); 
Atlanta, GA (NEW!); Portland, OR; Tucson, AZ; Prescott, AZ (NEW!); Fort 
Collins, CO (NEW!); Boulder, CO; Durham, NC

Units for Rent in: Littleton, CO (NEW!); Longmont, CO (NEW!); Ithaca, NY 
(NEW!); Chapel Hill, NC; Portland, OR; Central Coast, CA

List your opportunity here - advertise in our classifieds.

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Readers share their comments on recent issues of Cohousing magazine.

Working with a local project manager
By John R. McCarthy
Project Manager
Oak Creek Commons
Paso Robles, Calif.

A seasoned construction professional - and novice at cohousing - shares 
rewards and insights he experienced while working as the project manager 
of a new cohousing community.

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Cohousing communities in the news:

Fordyce Street (Ashland, OR) Cohousing
Monterey (MN) Cohousing
Earthrise Housing Coop (CO)
Community reports and events:
Senior cohousing under construction in Virginia
Highline Crossing to celebrate 10th anniversary
Cohousing Company slide shows in three cities in September

Coho/US conference calls to highlight partners, plans

Coho/US bus tours coming up in MA, SF Bay Area, DC

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