Is building green, green or is it light gray
From: Tim Clark (
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:58:55 -0700 (PDT)
Some years ago when I lived in Australia - where they still delivered milk in glass bottles to the door.

Friends of mine would only buy their milk in glass bottles because they wanted to be as green as possible and recycle. I was having breakfast with them one morning and came upon an article in the paper that compared the cost of packaging milk. The article compared all the costs from manufacture to disposal of glass bottles, plastic and cardboard.

The Greenest was?

1) Glass bottles
2) Plastic jugs
3) Cardboard

If you picked cardboard you got it right. Glass was the least green. So it is not always obvious what is green. I have a handyman business and I am always repairing stuff made of wood, It rots, breaks, bends, burns and can be eaten by a number of insects. The cost of repairing wood construction can sometimes exceed the cost of when it was built new. Give me concrete and metal anytime. All I am saying here is that when planning for green building think past what is green in the present moment to the whole cost of using a particular material.

BTW my friends continued to buy their milk in bottles.


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