Need help with getting work done in cohousing
From: Nathan Brown (
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:10:26 -0700 (PDT)

My name is Nathan Brown and I live at Takoma Village Cohousing (TVC) in
Washington, DC.  I am working with one of our teams to try and help our
entire community reach consensus on "getting work done" at TVC.

Right now we are focusing on developing/following a process that will result in
our community coming to consensus around a work policy that will accomplish
three things:

1) Maintain property values.
2) Maintain our cohousing values.
3) Encourage active participation  in the work and life of our community.

To this end we would greatly appreciate hearing from other communities that
have come to consensus around a work policy. In particular it would be helpful
to know what processes were used in forming work policies and in reaching
consensus those policies.

Can you please email me and let me know what information you have that would
be of help to us as we develop a process to reach consensus on this issue?

Thank you,


Nathan [at]
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