Disputes Committtee
From: David (davidic.org)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 13:44:21 -0800 (PST)
Springhill Cohousing in England is almost fully occupied, the last 2 houses 
are waiting for their owners to fit kitchens etc. The Common House will be 
finished by the end of Chanukah. This is the first new build Cohousing 
Community in the UK - 35 houses and flats - 75 residents.
Our constitution (Company Mem & arts) says that we must set up a "Disputes 
Committee" The idea is that disputes are inevitable. People can and will be 
encouraged to use the Disputes Committee before problems get too polarised 
and difficult - so that even relatively minor problems with friends eg loud 
music can be receive mediation.  Of course we have had  a number of disputes 
during the last 5 years gestation although nothing serious in my opinion - 
but I tend to diminish problems over time.
I'd like advise on how other cohousing communities in the US have used or 
decided not to use such committees? I'm sure American English will have a 
different name for it,  like Resolution Forum?
How many people should be on it? Should they be from outside or a mixture? 
Should the outside people be volunteers or paid? "professional" or not. How 
is it used?
If any cohousers are visiting this Island - you are very welcome to visit.
David Michael

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