"CC", "SC" in general, and "N" (lm)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:24:20 -0800 (PST)
Dear Ms. Charis-Graves--

I recall your posts at the time of the "failure" discussion fondly, as they 
just the kind of compassionate listening and response for which you are urging. 
also posted at that time that I was proud of the way the list had responded to 
situation.  I still am.

The first post by this individual was much earlier, almost imperceptible, 
for the standout tag line.  This was the post for which he claims to have 
a flurry of ingracious responses, supposedly prompting his later stealth 
harangue" -- a letter he sent offlist to a number of different cohousers around 
country, which got routed back to the list.

To which you, and virtually everyone else, responded thoughtfully.  I was glad 
Raines Cohen, for example, took the opportunity to reiterate the successes of 
the cohousing movement, instead of just dismissing the "failure" accusation.  

I too am convinced that cohousing is doing incredibly important work and 
responding to what has been a debilitating need for community dialogue, 
mutual respect, a pleasant consideration of other points of view, and the
possibility of discovering that sometimes people we so easily resort to 
"demonizing" are, in fact, sources of blessing and inspiration to us-- and make 
great neighbors!  The culture wars are way out of hand and being inflamed by
people intent on gaining media ratings in a culture of rapidly declining 

For those who have been "burned" by the church I also very much empathise.  
That's one reason why I took a couple of sentences to put forward the notion 
that much of what passes for "Christianity" today is inimicable to the Spirit 
the Person whose title it claims as its legacy.  

It's stressful for me, too.  How did we get here from "Peace on earth, goodwill 
towards humankind" or "Love you neighbor as yourself?"  And yes, I will try to 
keep things shorter and more bite-sized... : )


Guy (and Christine) Coe

P.S.-- Do you mind me remarking that you have a wonderful name?

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