Re: Christian cohousing
From: Molly Schaefer Lazar (
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 05:03:38 -0800 (PST)
While I really liked the message of your post, Guy, I wonder what e-mails
Stambler actually received.  I'm skeptical that this guy was "bombarded"
with e-mails around the country, given the low volume of replies that are
usually given to any post (of course I don't see anything that's off-list). 

To be frank, when I first read the "In Christ," I thought something like,
"How odd.  Does he think everyone on here is Christian?  Good luck to him in
cohousing if he thinks everyone thinks like he does!"  Perhaps that is the
message that some people sent him... I don't know.  I know I would have this
same reaction to Allah, or Gaia (though probably not to "For the earth!"
since that seems like advocacy rather than assuming a similar sentiment).
I'm a third-generation Unitarian Universalist, and I find value in all
religions, especially Christians who actually believe in living out his
principles.  I think Christian cohousing is a great idea.  Isn't Elderspirit
also intended to be a spiritual community?  

Molly Lazar
Future resident of Shadowlake Village

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