RE: "Christian Cohousing, " spiritual cohousing in general
From: Robert Heinich (
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 06:45:42 -0800 (PST)
Just to amplify what Robin wrote, here at Eno Commons we will not hold our 2005 
meetings on these dates:
   o major religious (Western Christian/Jewish) holidays                
     + 2005Mar28 Easter
     + 2005Apr23 Passover (Pesach)
     + 2005Oct03 Rosh Hashanah
     + 2005Oct13 Yom Kippur
     + 2005Dec25 Christmas weekend 
     + 2005Dec26 Hanukkah

I am positive that if a new neighbor moves in who follows a different faith, we 
would adjust our calendar for them.

-Robert Heinich 
 (who is coffee chair at ERUUF, our local Unitarian fellowship)
 Eno Commons Cohousing
 Durham, NC

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I certainly hope it is not true that he was "bombarded with messages saying
Christians and Christian values are not welcome in cohousing." While I am 
agnostic, I subscribe to many of the values (compassion, mercy, etc.) that
are part of Christianity and we have Christians in our community. I admit I
find it hard to believe many such messages were sent.

Robin Alexander
Eno Commons Cohousing

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