Re: Families interested in buying a Multi-unit residence in East Bay
From: Perry_rg (
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 09:43:00 -0800 (PST)
Actually, to me this sounds a lot like a variation on retrofit or infill 
co-housing.  I am curious though as to why you can't have one unit set aside as 
the common space (common kitchen, meeting space, workshops, shared laundry 
perhaps, etc.).  How many units does the residence have?  Is the building you 
are interested in like an apartment complex, or more like a multi-family house?
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ryoung [at] wrote:
This is not QUITE co-housing, but I'm kicking off an effort to form a group of
families with kids to buy a small multi-unit residence in the El Cerrito to
Oakland area. No Common House, no developement, as little organizational
overhead as possible, but shared goals, shared childcare, shared meals in our
own spaces.

I doubt Raines or Joani will be interested, but perhaps there are some local
lurkers on this list who might find this an attractive housing alternative.

If so, check it out here:

and ask to join. I've got the barriers set pretty high to keep out spammers, so
you've got to ask me to be able to join.


Ryan Young

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