"Dentists Collectives"
From: Ryan Young (Ryounglmi.net)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 08:27:06 -0800 (PST)
On Dec 29, 2004, at 10:46 AM, Ryan Young wrote:

, and we end up with the "Dentists Collectives" that were one of the
original Danish criticisms of Co-Housing.

I"m not familiar with the "Dentists Collectives". Can you elaborate?


This was a term I found in either the original McCamant/Durret book "Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach To Housing Ourselves" or perhaps in the earliest articles in Whole Earth Review on CoHousing. This satiric barb implied that only dentists or other professionals could afford to live in this type of upscale commune. NOTE: I do not, myself, support this idea. I will nonetheless don my Nomex underwear, in anticipation of the flame attacks that repeating this nearly 30 year old insult will subject me to <it was better in the original Danish, no doubt>.

Ah, I found it., page 138, talking about the earliest developments in CoHousing in Denmark, around the early 1970's:

"These early cohousing communities were practical first steps toward the ideals put forth by Gudmund-Hoyer and Bodil Graae, but they were never considered the embodiment of all that cohousing could be. From the perspective of the ongiingin youthful protest movement, these were nothing more than nice suburban developments for people who could afford private ownership. One Danish architecture professor called them "dentist collectives," referring to the many professionals who lived in the first cohousing communities."

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