Most popular Common House amenities
From: Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community (
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 18:44:49 -0800 (PST)
Hello everyone,

We have just finished a fascinating meeting where we discussed what amenities, types and sizes of rooms to include in the Common House. We covered everything from sound-proof (music/multipurpose room), to craft rooms, exercise room, woodworking room, children's room, teen room, living room (with library), shared office, guest rooms, laundry, mudroom, kitchen, dining room, pantry and storage lockers.

I would love to know which amenities you would not part with, that are well-used and which ones were a great idea, but never really served the needs of the community.

Do you have enough storage? How did you accommodate large items like skis, kayaks, bicycles, Christmas trees, recreational and camping equipment?

Now many of you have been living in Cohousing for a number of years, I'm sure that some of the original Common Rooms may have changed purpose or been added due to the changing needs of the community. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to share their experience with common amenities.

Wishing you a a peaceful and healthy New Year,

Susana Michaelis
Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community,
Nanaimo, BC (Vancouver Island)

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