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From: brucehe (brucehepeak.org)
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 22:41:49 -0800 (PST)
We Corvallis (Oregon) CoHo Cohousing are interested in finding out about
other cohousing groups knowledge, experience and opinions about "wrap-up"
construction insurance (also known as "owner controlled insurance programs
(OICP).".  We are at a stage now where we need to quickly establish the
nature and source of our project's construction insurance.  We would
appreciate learning all you know and who you have used for such insurance.
We understand that in some areas such insurance is essential to moving
large residential housing projects through construction.  We have also
read that such insurance can have the following advantages:

·The owner knows for sure that its contractors have adequate coverage.

·For Workers Compensation insurance there will be premium discounts
because of the size of the policy

·Construction contractors are able to request credits from their insurance
companies and are in a position to pass along the savings to the owner.

·It may improve the competitive environment by allowing more contractors
to compete for the work.

·The cost of settling claims is greatly reduced because the injured party
does not have to prove which contractor is at fault, only that a loss has

Any input and experience would be appreciated. Thanks,

Bruce Hecht
541 754-3028
brucehe [at] peak.org

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