About that Cohousing In Eugene!!
From: LorenSchein (LorenScheincs.com)
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 12:29:22 -0800 (PST)
Dear Communitarian Friends,

Happy new year! We are Miaya Sustaita and Loren Schein and we are sending you 
this letter to let you know that, after a couple of years of preparation, we 
are now ready to start gathering together a group of community-oriented folks 
who want to live in a cohousing village in Eugene. 

Currently, we own a wonderful piece of property bordered by the bike path on 
the Willamette River on the east and River Road on the west. As currently 
configured, there are two houses and a barn on the land and lots and lots of 
gardening space. Nearby is the park that runs along the river. A bike- and 
foot-bridge across the river to Valley River Center is just five minutes away. 
Downtown is a ten-minute ride by bicycle.

Our understanding is that Eugene will allow 20 or more homes to be built on 
the 2.89 acres, which is ideal. We envision a cohousing neighborhood of between 
20 and 30 small-to-medium sized privately-owned cottage-style homes with 
shared land and common facilities where we could together create a close-knit 
community of all ages and enjoy a simpler, friendlier lifestyle. Although the 
group that finally puts together the plan would be the designer of the 
our vision is of small-footprint homes, built green as much as possible and 
priced affordably: middle to lower income, depending on the availability of 
grants and low-interest loans to make this happen.

We are planning a get-together on Sunday, January 23 at 2:00pm with those of 
you who are interested in this exciting adventure. Please contact us by e-mail 
or telephone to RSVP. 

Please forward this letter to your friends.


Loren Schein & Miaya Sustaita
LorenSchein [at] cs.com Miaya [at] aol.com
(541) 349-8749 

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