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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 14:36:49 -0800 (PST)

Dear Evalgeline,

I'm a member of Stone Curves CoHousing in Tucson, AZ, who doesn't yet
live there. We're in Northern California, near San Franciso but plan to move
as soon as we're settled into new jobs.

Stone Curves is a 48 home community, being built in phases, and divided into
five villages. Residents have started to move in in August and the last ones
will move in around March-April.  In addition to a big, beautiful Common
House with both a sunrise deck and a sunset deck, a kiva, reading/exercise/
TV/computer/teenagers'/childrens'/guest rooms, etc, other amenities (will)
include a large swimming pool, low impact on the environment construction...
There's a long list of et ceteras that are on the website.

I'm not sure who the current contact person is as I think it may be a rotating
position.  The website is

Louise Rausa

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I'm compiling a list of community milestones for 2004 for Cohousing magazine and would appreciate hearing from communities who had a major milestone last
year, especially completed communities, grand opening celebrations,
groundbreakings. land acquisitions or newly formed groups. Please state name of
community, city, state and contact person/info.

Thank you,
Evangeline Welch
Cohousing magazine
The Cohousing Assocation of the United States
Editor [at]
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