UK Sustainable Communities Summit / USA version?
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Note from Fred.
The UK conference referred to is coming up soon ( 1/31/05 ) and 
registration options are limited.  See:

/documents/divisionhomepage/029192.hcsp   )

Which says:
 Two thousand delegates from the UK, Europe and the wider world are
 expected to take part in the Delivering Sustainable Communities Summit,
 between 31 January - 2 February 2005 at the GMEX, Manchester. Senior
 Government Ministers and leading national and international experts will
 attend and speak at this unique event. Leading TV broadcaster, Nick Ross
 will be chairing the three-day Summit.
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I¹d like to see one here in U.S.
Can anyone go to learn?

Tuesday 10 August 2004
Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has this week announced the registration
opening for the Government¹s 2005 Sustainable Communities Summit, the
largest event of its kind ever held in the UK.

 The Summit will explore the progress made in the delivery of new and
regenerated sustainable communities since the publication of the ODPM
Sustainable Communities Plan back in February 2003. It also aims to create
opportunities for developing and sharing best practices across the UK and
internationally, providing a platform to work with experts from the public,
voluntary and private sectors.

 "The Summit will bring together the very best from overseas, from our
regions and from many localities across the United Kingdom,² said Mr
Prescott. ³I'm delighted that we are holding this unique event in
Manchester, a fabulous city that has taken the sustainable communities theme
as the foundation for its successful regeneration in recent years. I will
also be inviting many ministerial colleagues from across Government to share
the debate about how to make sustainable communities a reality in all our
towns and cities.² 

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