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February  27, 2005


This is a Call for Articles for "Cohousing: What Have We Learned?" -- the theme for our summer '05 issue of Communities magazine -- to be published in late June.

        We'll be looking at several topics, including (but not limited to):

•        What are you especially proud of about your cohousing community?

•        What is unique or different about your cohousing community?

• How have the "Danish model," the "developer partner" model, and the "developer driven" model evolved in the last few years? What model has worked best for your community?

• What have cohousers innovated in group process skills? How does your community resolve conflicts and other process issues?

•        What has the cohousing movement learned from other communitarians?

•     What has the communities movement learned from cohousing?

• How is cohousing changing the concept of intentional community in North America?

Would you be interested in submitting an article on one of these (or another?) aspect of cohousing? If you know someone you think might want to write an article on cohousing, please pass this on.

We don't yet have a Guest Editor for this Cohousing issue, and so if you're interested in that, please let me know.

I'm sending this to you because you are on the Cohousing L list, or because you may have written for Communities magazine before, or inquired about writing for us, or because you're someone I hope might submit an article one day. (If you would like me to remove you from this 'Call for Articles' email list, please let me know.)

If you're interested, please email me back (or call 828-669-9702) with your article idea by April 1st. The deadline for the finished article to be emailed to me (and photos emailed or sent in the mail) is April 18th.

I.PHOTOS. If you'd like to submit an article for this issue, we will also want high-resolution digital photos or hard-copy photos or snapshots of people and/or communities to illustrate your story.

Photos can be vertical or horizontal, black & white or color (we print in black & white). If you send hard copies, we return them after the issue is published. (Communities magazine, 1025 Camp Elliott Rd., Black Mtn., NC 28711.)

We need either snapshots or hard-copy photos, or digital photos with a resolution of3 megapixels or more. This will produce images which are 300-360 dpi at 5x7" or 8z12" size. This means the images will be high enough resolution for the printed page. (We can only use lower-resolution digital photos at a final printed size of about 2" high. These can sometimes be included as adjunct photos in an article, but we must have higher resolution photos as well.)

If you would like to submit an article but cannot supply photos, that's fine. Just let me know _in advance! Then if we use your article we'll get an illustrator, but we need plenty of notice ahead of time for this. Thank you.

II. PERMISSION. Please send the article only when you have permission from anyone you need an OK from, such as fellow community members. It's difficult for us to get all set to run an article only to find that the author hasn't gotten official permission from other community members to publish it yet, and they say No at the last minute. Ooops.

If you're interested in submitting an article for this issue, please let me know and I'll send you a copy of our Writers Guidelines. communities [at] 828-669-9702.

Thank you very much! I look forward to hearing from you if you are inspired by the cohousing issue theme.

        Diana Leafe Christian
        Editor, Communities Magazine

P.S. Here's a sample of some of the articles in the upcoming Spring '05 issue, "The Arts in Community," out in late March.

•        101 Art Projects Your Community Can Do
o What many communities have done for artistic pleasure and to deepen their community bonds.
• Painting and Dancing (and Singing, Acting, Sculpting) for Community Spirit
At ZEGG in Germany, people use art to build community -- and it works.

•        Of Ravens & Rules
o At RoseWind Cohousing many people create and install art projects all around the community, to the delight of visitors. But the art is often controversial!

•        Camphill Beaver Run - - Spiritual Essence and Art
o At this community, visual art, sculpture, music, singing, storytelling, and theater are everywhere present.

•        The Owl and the Pooh Hut
o What happens to public art in a community run by consensus? How one member's art project out very different than she planned!


•        Learning to Screen New Members . . . The Hard Way

•        Confessions of a Process Warrior

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