RE: Kitchen flooring
From: Alexander Robin A (
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 07:27:06 -0800 (PST)
Certainly, wearing shoes made for folks who are on their feet a lot helps a 
lot. Not sure why restaurants don't do that - or maybe some do. Best would be 
to talk to some professional cooks.


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On Mar 7, 2005, at 10:12 AM, Alexander Robin A wrote:

> Agreed, as long as you use mats for standing on, available from all
> restaurant supply outfits. As a cook, I cannot stress enough that it
> is very hard on the feet and legs to stand for long periods on
> concrete. For short stints, it's not too bad, but for longer periods -
> ouch.

Does it make sense to use the durable easy to clean concrete floor and
then pad the feet?

That way it would give you a flooring that is easy to clean, always
looks good, but the feet are fully protected?

Sharon Villines
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