Re: Kitchen flooring
From: Dirk Herr-Hoyman (
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 17:27:27 -0800 (PST)

On Mar 7, 2005, at 10:11 AM, Sharon Villines wrote:

On Mar 7, 2005, at 11:04 AM, Racheli Gai wrote:

I'd rather stand on a hard floor than on some toxic overlayment...

We have some exotic green product that we had to order from England made especially for kitchens. It is linoleum on top but soft underneath. It is nice to stand on but after 5 years looks pretty dull.

I had a linoleum + cork floor put in our residential kitchen last year.
This came as a manufactured 1'x3' surface, easy to install and no underflooring
and no glue or nails.  It's held in place with baseboards.
Linoleum is linseed based and is thought to be eco-friendly, and I think you
can order it from many places now.
It's also foot friendly, as it gives just a bit from the cork layer.

I doubt this is within the price range plain old concrete for the entire kitchen, but could be used in spots where you expect to stand for longer periods of time. Not quite sure how the install would go, need something to hold the floating
edges down, but I figure with some creative carpentry
this could be done.

I'd go for the concrete + mats if I were in your position, just throwing this out
as another option.


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