Re: screening potential members
From: Luk Jonckheere (
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 00:57:00 -0800 (PST)

For our cohousing community 'La Grande Cense' here in Belgium we don't
screen new members at all. We are confident that the existing vision, the
concept itself  and the actual group attracts the right people for our
community. And so it did

We have a very elaborated 'Vision Statement', that was polished throughout
the first 3 years of our forming process, and still is in constant
This vision is communicated to all the new potential members, along with a
document 'Instroom' (influx), inspired by existing models, and that is
containing the following (free translation from Flemish) :

<<<INFLUX - La Grande Cense - an ecological cohousing project
this is how you can join us
You become a member-cohabitant of 'La Grande Cense' through a process of
self-selection, following next steps :
1. Getting to know :
- assist to an information-session (presentation of concept and project,
tour of the buildings, meeting the members)
- you can assist to (a maximum of) 3 meetings before deciding to join
- talk extensively to (at least 3) members of the group
- you can also assist to one of our social activities with your family
2. Information and reflection :
- first of all read the 'Vision Statement' and get familiarised with it (see under 'zo zien wij het')
- get familiarised with the concept of cohousing (see : website, book 'Cohousing' van McCamant, or ask the other members)
- reflect on your positive en negative group experiences
- consider the contribution you can offer to the group, and what the group
can offer you.
3. Joining :
 - sign the document 'membership agreement'
 - pay the membership fee (= 125 Euro), non refundable
 - and within a month pay the same investment other members did so far (=
+/- 8.800 Euro)
4. Further steps :
- aquisition of the farm (april 4th 2005)
- starting the reconstruction (+/- nov 2005)
- move in (spring 2007)
(let us know as you come to one of our meetings or activities)
contact us : name, adress, tel, mail, website >>>

This worked very well. Those who were afraid of an arrival of all kind of
unpleasant or unsuited people, are now in favour too of this procedure.

Kind regards,
Luk Jonckheere
(forming stage, 16 dedicated families, about to buy a large farm next month
to transform into a 20 units cohousing community, glad to find inspiration,
courage and information via this mailing list from the 'Cohousing
Communities Community')

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