RE: Environmental values
From: Matt Lawrence (
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 08:55:55 -0800 (PST)
On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Kevin Wolf wrote:

Car sharing.
Would you let community members drive your care so that fewer cars can be owned overall in the community?

Sure.  I already let my friends borrow my car if they need it.

        Would you join in a car share on a high mpg hybrid?

Maybe. Since my car gets over 40MPG, I'm not as motivated as other folks might be.

        Will you join car pools to work or school or shopping when possible?

I prefer to use the term "practical" instead of "possible". Big difference in meaning.

        Will you add your kitchen and yard waste to the compost?

If it is easy and convienent.

        Would you help turn the compost?

Sure, as long as someone else is responsible for planning and scheduling.

Will you buy organic for community meals except when much more expensive.

As long as it's not a big hassle, sure.

        Will you cook vegetarian options?

If asked nicely.

        Would you not use pesticides around your home except for termites?

That's a tough question. Fireants are a big problem around here and a hazard to small children. Other than that, I would want to do something to keep other sorts of insects under control. Maybe Boric Acid would be enough.

        Will you garden organically, with chemical fertilizers?

No, I have no interest in gardening. However, I'll be glad to help someone else.

Free Space
Would you have a problem with a freecycle zone in front of the common house?

I don't know. I would rather see information posted on a bulletin board than lots of "stuff" stacked up.

Air pollution
        Would you agree to no wood burning except when it is rainy or windy?

I guess it depends on the climate. One of my hobbies is woodworking and the scraps can be very useful for fueling a wood burning stove.

        Would you use the push and electric lawn mowers and not gas?

I already use an electric mower, I have no interest in ever going back to a gas mower.

        Would you take care of the chickens one month out of 18?

I don't know. After having a neighbor with chickens and a noisy rooster, I'm not too sure I want them around.

        Would you support permacultural gardens around the common house?

As long as they aren't my responisibility, sure. It sounds like a great idea.

Solar access
Would you agree to limit any additional construction on your house so that it doesn't block the solar access of your neighbor to the north? (part of the Planned Development)


Would you have concerns with neighbors adding second units to their homes or converting their garages to room additions? (part of the Planned Development)

I'm already in favour of higer density.

Energy efficiency
Would you support the community paying more for the higher efficiency appliances such as refridgerators, washers etc?


Would you have concerns about people hanging their clothes out to dry where they can be seen from the common spaces?

No.  Why would this be a problem?

-- Matt
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