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Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:33:31 -0800 (PST)

   We at Oak Creek Commons cohousing in Paso Robles, CA have Highspeed
Internet plus Basic Cable TV (Channels below 100) serving 35 households for
about $47 per month per household.  We entered into a contract with Charter
Communications as a business client.  They send the HOA one bill, and we
collect from each of the households its fair share.

Norm G.
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> Hi all!
>     We're looking for the other way through this at Two Echo here in
> Maine. (27 Lots, rural woods siting, lot-developed) I've heard the
> headaches of wireless, and the possible cost of wiring a
> mostly-completed lot-developed community (with underground utilities)
> scares me. We're *not* wired as a community, except for what the cable
> and phone companies bring in.
>      Unless there are ways to wire us without breaking the bank, the
> best solution seems to be group purchasing thru our local
> broadband(cable) company. I've traded emails with one person about this
> already. Anybody have other ideas or options, tips, suggestions?
> Experience with wiring and costs after development? I'm also curious if
> there's a standard practice group/condo discount. I'd love some prior
> art, to clarify my thinking before rolling out proposals, calling them
> and trying to get a good deal. Thanks for your help!
> Cheers,
> Dameron
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