Fallback Voting Methods- By Household or Member?
From: David Demaree (dhdemaryyahoo.com)
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 13:10:41 -0800 (PST)
Hi all,

We're currently writing our bylaws and we've come up
against the issue of how to allocate votes in the
event that consensus fails.  

Some prefer to allocate votes by unit in order to
protect their economic investment.  We have considered
one or two votes per unit.

Some prefer to allocate votes by member since we are a
community of members (not units) and all members
should have an equal voice.

I've looked in the archive and I've see examples of
allocation by unit and examples of combinations of
allocation by unit and by member (depending on the
issue) but I haven't seen any that allocate votes
strictly by member.

Do any existing communities allocate votes strictly by

This also brings up the questions about where the
right to vote arises.  Is it by Ownership?  Residency?
 Community involvement?

Any insight on the voting issue would be greatly

Thank you,
Dave Demaree
CoHo Ecovillage, Corvallis OR.

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