Unit for sale at Cornerstone Village Cohousing, Cambridge, MA; additional info
From: Mabel Liang (mabeltwomeeps.com)
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 11:05:43 -0800 (PST)

There was a previous announcement on this list about a unit for sale here at Cornerstone Village Cohousing (text reproduced below). The unit is quite large - it's listed in our condominium documents as 1866 square feet. We're located in North Cambridge, a 5-10 minute walk (depending on who you ask) from the Alewife T (subway) stop, 3 stops from Harvard Square. More information on Cornerstone can be found at http://www.cscoho.org

I have been asked to also send the following message to the cohousing list:

Dear waiting list/friends,
In reference to the unit for sale at Cornerstone Cohousing, should the sellers decrease the price after the initial 30 day period, the community will have another five day right of first refusal at each reduced price. Since five days is such a short period during which to act, we are seeking expressions of interest from potential buyers who would be interested in the unit if the current price of $850,000 were reduced. Again you may reply to Jane Eisenstark at <jeisens [at] hotmail.com> or (617) 661-5341, or Lisa Fox at ljfox16 [at] aol.com or (617) 491-3980.
Thank you,
Jane for the Membership Committee
 (originally sent March 16th)
We would like to announce that a large 3-bedroom apartment in
Cornerstone Cohousing has just become available.  The asking price is
$850,000.  If you are interested in this unit or you would like
further information, please contact Jane Eisenstark at
<jeisens [at] hotmail.com> or 617-661-5341, or Lisa Fox at
<ljfox16 [at] aol.com> or (617) 491-3980 by March 30th.  Prospective buyers
are expected to be pre-approved for a mortgage.

Bob Leigh
Cornerstone Village Cohousing
Cambridge, Mass.

-- Mabel :-)

Mabel Liang
mabel [at] twomeeps.com
Software Engineer turned Gardener

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