Two rare rentals at Tierra Nueva Cohousing
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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 13:25:50 -0800 (PST)
Dear List,
I'm posting these descriptions of two rental homes at Tierra Nueva on the 
Central CA coast. It is a rare event indeed to have even one rental available, 
and today, there are two.  We are a stable community of folks who have the 
distinction of being the oldest cohousing community in the country, even though 
we've been living here just seven years. 

The contact information for each rental is at the end of the description.  
Please respond to them personally, not the entire list.  

Yesterday a huge migration of painted lady butterflies passed over our orchard 
and rooftops, a steady stream of winged ones for about 4 hours, non-stop.  We 
have a monarch butterfly migration point in an anjoining grove, which we enjoy 
all winter long, but this was something marvelous to watch.  They just kept 
coming, a rippling river of butterflies. 

And the to our northern boundary, which neighborhood activists help 
change from a mono-factory of pesticide-laden cardboard strawberries, is now in 
its second growing season of gorgeous (we gorge on the berries now!) fruits and 
vegies and flowers, all pesticide free, and transitioning into organically 
grown.  Eating just one of the luscious strawberries is a spiritual experience. 

We like living here.  There are artists and teachers and writers and lawyers 
and activists and homeschoolers and visionaries and travellers and winemakers 
and yogis and knitters and 20 kids and 50 adults of all ages.  

If you have thought about moving to the west coast, or trying out a year or two 
in community living, this is your chance.  Act quickly though, they won't last 


For Rent:  Two story, three bedroom two bath duplex unit in Tierra Nueva 
CoHousing community.  Situated amid a 5 acre avocado orchard about a mile from 
the central coast of California, this unit has a beautiful view of the sand 
dunes and Arroyo Grande valley to the south.  There is an organic farm adjacent 
and north of the property.  Our community consists of 27 units established in 
1998.  The property is fully landscaped, has mature producing avocado trees, a 
garden, a newly constructed workshop and multipurpose room, a large centrally 
located two story common house with full professional kitchen, guest rooms, 
library, game room, media room, hot tub and decks on both levels.  Our 
multigenerational, nondenominational community has children of all ages, an 
active yoga program, dogs, cats, chickens and even a pet rat and a pet snake.  
The unit is fully contained, has two bedrooms upstairs and one down that has 
been converted to an office.  It can easily serve as another bedroom.  Solar 
panels on the roof keep power costs to less than $5 per month and the passive 
solar design keeps the unit comfortable year round.  There is a balcony off of 
one of the bedrooms upstairs and a deck surrounded by fruit trees right out the 
front door (note from Pattymara:  Carl's peaches are phenomenal, there are also 
apples and grapes and apricots in the yard, a feast for the picking midsummer). 
 Rent is $1200 per month and includes water, a carport, and access to all of 
the common areas.  K-12 schools are located nearby, and there's a charter 
school a short drive away that several of the community's children attend.  
This unit will be available on July 1, 2005 and will remain a rental for at 
least two years while the owner is away.  For more information, please call 
Carl at 805-474-0262 eves. and weekends or e-mail at csamuel [at]

And here is the description for the larger, "stand-alone" home for rent:

A 4-BR, 2-Bath house at 1726 Tierra Nueva Ln will be available for rental 
starting April 7 at $1500/month with a half month security deposit. The lease 
is for a period of one year with possible extension.

(note from Pattymara:  This home has two bedrooms on the ground level, and two 
huge rooms upstairs (approx. 14 x 24' each).  It also has lovely landscaping, a 
deck, a couple of fruit trees (peaches and plums) and a garage.)

 If interested, please contact Magdy Farahat: mmfarahat [at] , 


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