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March 25, 2005

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Don't forget the fun factor!
By Rick Mockler
President, Coho/US

At Muir Commons in Davis, Calif., we recently completed a series of
ecret Valentine exchanges, an annual tradition of ours. Throughout the
second week of February, you'll find cohousers aged toddler through
grandparent sneaking in the dark, knocking loudly and racing away
before the residents can catch them. During a typically dreary time,
neighbors are surprised by fresh bagels in the morning, dark chocolate
or beer in the evening, jokes, rhymes or other gifts.

Getting Local: Regional Connections

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Outreach: it's everyone's job
by Nick Meima
The Cohousing Development Company

 Mention the word "marketing" or "sales" and many people in cohousing
raise an eyebrow.

It should be obvious that if you want to sell units, then you must
market your community. Yet I'm constantly amazed that most members of
cohousing communities in development sidestep marketing to focus on
other issues such as policies and procedures, budgets and color
selection. While these other priorities are important too, everyone
will suffer the consequences if you don't complete the "sell out"
of your project.

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Retrofit cohousing: A different kind of "fixer-upper"
By Karen Hester, Temescal Creek Cohousing


LIVING IN COHOUSING: (December, 2004)
A day in the life of a single-family house
 By Chuck Durrett, The CoHousing Company


GROUP PROCESS: (November, 2004)
Communication, process and dealing with conflict: the heart of
a healthy community
by Diana Christian


2004 milestones in communities


Current openings in cohousing



Cohousing in the news

Coho/US events and programs
2005 bus tours:
- Next MA tour: April 9. WAITLISTED!
- First CO tour: April 16. Registration now open!
- Spring DC tour: May 22 NEW! Mid-Atlantic Cohousing
- SF Bay Area: July 23

Community Partners program
Regional Alliances

Cohousing community events calendar

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