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For those in the Seattle area, on April 28 (Thursday), I will be
presenting my research on common houses in Danish cohousing communities 

4-8pm open house with photo boards from over 20 communities throughout

6-7pm slide presentation

Why do I have all these images and information?

I received a grant from the University of Washington to spend 2 months
in Copenhagen last fall to study Danish cohousing.  We lived in an
apartment near the center of the city and spent a lot of time traveling
around Sjealand and up to Aarhus and Randers.  Many of the communities
we visited were 20-35 years old, and a few that had recently started.
Many of the older ones I had never even heard of prior to my trip.

You can download the invitation (which contains a few photos and brief
program description as well as map to the building) from our website by
clicking on "current". 

<< Requires flash player ... Fred>>

If you have troubles, please contact me directly and I can send you a
link directly to the PDF.

Hopefully by the end of the week, we'll have some photos of each
community under the "research" section, so please check back.

grace h. kim, aia
schemata workshop
an architectural collaborative
159 western ave west #483
seattle wa 98119
206.285.1589 voice
206.285.2701 fax 


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