Re: List of tasks considered to be "work?"
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 06:23:54 -0700 (PDT)

On Apr 14, 2005, at 1:10 AM, Maggi Rohde wrote:

Once again, I come to you for assistance:
I am asking for a list of jobs your community has made to help in the creation of your work policy. Would anyone be willing to share theirs?

Our community is working on a Time Budget. We haven't adopted it yet but here is the list of the kinds of jobs I have identified for them to consider. Where hours appear these are yearly estimates. Some of these tasks are one time things that need to be done, some are point persons who do what ever needs to be done for a room or function, but most are maintenance and repair. Officers, Team Point Persons, Minutes, Meetings are listed to show how much time these take.

Other huge time takers that we have trouble budgeting because you never know how often they will happen: supervising workers on site, addressing emergencies like damage to the parking gate, a car crashing into the fence, or the HVAC shutting off, and researching a capital improvements project. Just researching whether we want to or can extend floors over portions of the commonhouse to make more rooms will take 60-90 hours of phone calls, meeting with architects, getting bids, holding budget meetings, getting approval. And that does not include the time to actually get the work done. Getting workers to show up is a major task.

I'm working on a yearly maintenance calendar for the next issue of the newsletter.

Sharon Villines
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"Acoustical Tile", Research alternatives for dining room ceiling, kitchen, kids room, game room.

"Alley on Southside","1.8", level drive and fill holes with gravel, 2x a year

"Backyards", need policy on maintenance -- Admin Team

"Basements: Monitoring for Leaks","18"

"Basements: Sewage Ejector","1.08" supervise and be sure maintenance is done.

"Basements: Sump Pumps","24" check to be sure they are working.

"Board: President","96"

"Board: Secretary","48"

"Board: Treasurer","120"

"Buildings, Architectural Review","12" Handle requests for modifications

"Buildings, Bike Storage","12" Find and apportion space for bike storage.

"Buildings, Exterior Inspection","60" monthly inspections and follow up

"Buildings, Faucets, Exterior", be sure these are drained and turned off once a year.

"Carts","3" Research and purchase a replacement.

"CH Basement: Storage Maintenance","24"

"CH Bathrooms","72" Clean every two weeks.

"CH Clutter Clearance","48" Picking up the CH 2-3 times a week. Straightening the mail shelf, keeping packages off the floor so the hall are clear for wheeled residents of all ages.

"CH Computer",""

"CH Donations & Gifts","12"

"CH Elevator","12"

"CH Emergency Contact",""

"CH Emergency Contact Backup",""

"CH Exercise Room","24"

"CH Furnishings Maintenance and Repair","12"

"CH Guest Room Operations","48"

"CH HVAC Filters","12" Ordering and changing

"CH HVAC Thermostats","6" adjusting seasonally and checking to be sure they haven't been changed.

"CH Indoor Plants","24" Watering and maintenance

"CH Kids Room & Tot Lot","48" Cleaning, toy rotation, reminders to parents.

"CH Kitchen Equipment Restocking","3"

"CH Kitchen Supplies Restocking","12"

"CH Laundry Room","24"

"CH Library","3.6"

"CH Maintenance and Cleaning","288"

"CH Movie Library","6"

"CH Office","48"

"CH Space Usage","12"

"CH Workshop Development","" Our workshop has never been high performance. A group is working on this.

"CH, Interior Stairs","" Need refinishing. What to do?

"Community Management Info","120" Database tracking contact info, updating contact sheets, mail directory, cubby labels, meeting attendance sheets.


"Computer Support for Macs",""

"Computer Support for PCs",""

"Computer, DSL",""

"Concrete Repairs","" Research, get bids, supervise contractor

"Contact with Lawyer",""

"Contact with Simmons",""

"Decks & Unfinshed Wood","" Research, get bids, supervise contractor

"Doors, Exterior CH & Firestairs" Security checks nightly

"Electric Mower Decision and Purchase",""

"Email Lists: Manage & Moderate"

"Equipment Research and Purchase",""

"Fences, Monitoring","24"

"Fire Safety and Evacuation","3" Fire drills. Extinguisher monitoring.

"Floor Extensions", Research possibility of making parts of the great room two stories instead of one.

"Flooring: Linoleum Maintenance and Repair",""

"Foundations","" Inspection.

"Fountain Maintenance",

"Front Door & Entrance","" Research and get bids on enclosing the security keypad so the sun doesn't disable it every afternoon and the entrance is not hidden behind a column.

"Gutters & Roof","" Inspection 2 x a year.

"Hot Tub", weekly maintenance.

"HVAC Vent, Replace with Diffuser Vent",""

"HVAC: Living Room, Kids Room, Laundry Room","" Improve performance. Duct problem.

"Landscaping","216" Maintenance

"Lighting Monitor","24.96" Monthly check for lights burned out on the grounds and in the commonhouse. Replace as necessary.

"Maintenance Forms","12" Handle requests to fix things. Refer to the proper person and follow up.

"Maintenance: Touch Up Materials","6" Keep these stocked and orderly.

"Meal Captain or Organization, 8 meals a month","432"

"Meals: Cleanup for 8 meals a month","384"

"Meals: Friday Night Pizza"

"Meals: Shopping, Cooking for 8 meals a month","1920"

"Meetings: Admin Team","288"

"Meetings: Board","432"

"Meetings: Community Team","576"

"Meetings: Facilities Team","576"

"Meetings: Membership: Attendance","1440"

"Meetings: Membership: Childcare","108"

"Meetings: Membership: Facilitator, Facilitation","300"

"Minutes: Admin Team","72"

"Minutes: Board","72"

"Minutes: Community Team Meetings","72"

"Minutes: Facilities Meetings","72"

"Minutes: Membership Meetings","72"

"Mowing: Supervision and Coordination","24"

"On-Call Box","48" Keep box of keys to each unit and spaces in the commonhouse and have available for workers and residents.

"Ordering Supplies","24"

"Orientations, Queries, Visitors","24"

"Painting, Caulking, Repair or Replace Window Casings",""

"Painting: Metal Railings on Upper Walkways",""

"Parking Gate Maintenance","6"

"Parking Lot Surface","" Research surface requirements. Have conflicting recommendations.

"Parking Space Reallocation","" Full size cars have drifted to compact car spaces. Reassign.

"Pepco Vault Maintenance","6" Check for water and siphon.

"Pest Control: Mosquitoes","1.5" Put dunks in the drains.

"Pest Control: Supervise Contractor","12"

"Planning Calendar & White Board Schedule","24" Put the weeks schedule and reminders on the white board in the front hall. Maintain the planning calendar.

"Planter Boxes Drainage","" Fix planter boxes that are draining onto the metal rails below rusting them.

"Rain Garden, Planning"

"Records: Warranty Documents","" Find and maintain accessibly.

"Recycling and Trash Pick-up","60" Taking out the recycling buckets in the mail area and the kitchen, check bins to be sure things are properly sorted.

"Hazardous Waste Recycling: Flourescent Lamps, batteries, computers. 3-4 times a year.

"Rug Maintenance","

"Safety Inspections of Sprinklers, Extinguishers, Maintenance, Alarm Company",".25"

"SE Corner, Building","" Research possibilities for bike storage

"SE Corner, Fence", Get historic review board approval, permits, supervise installation.

"Security Checks, Door Adjustments", Nightly checks, adjusts door closers as necessary with weather changes.

"Security Intercom & Codes Maintenance","3.6"

"Snow Removal"

"Sweeping Sidewalks"

"Take It or Leave It Table","18" Straightening and sending unwanted items to charity shop.

"Team Point Person, Admin","96"

"Team Point Person, Community","96"

"Team Point Person, Facilities","96"

"Team Records, Facilities, Librarian","24"

"Unit 109, Repair Water Damage",""

"Unit Front Door Light Covers","" Replace lost and damaged light covers. Replace conventional bulbs with energy savers.

"Vents, Exterior","0" Clean biannually. Install bird guards.

"Water Bills","" Investigate why water bills have doubled.

"Water Filters","0" Change filter in kitchen every 6 months.

"Water Heater","" Investigate moving this out of the workshop to the basement.

"Watering Planter Boxes","135"

"Web Site & Email Hosting","12"

"Web Site Content & Design","12"

"Website Calendar","6"

"Workday: Meals","12"

"Workdays: Child Care","36"

"Workdays: Job Broker","18"

"Workdays: Keep Facilities Task List","12"

"Workdays: Miscellaneous Tasks","540"

"Workdays: Preparation","36"

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