Private Back Yard for Dog
From: normangauss (
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 10:49:38 -0700 (PDT)
My last post was entitled "Pens for Dogs".  It should have been "Individual
Private Yard for a Dog".

We have a few condo owners, each one wanting to fence in an area behind
his/her condo as a dog enclosure.  Because our Master Deed has defined the
land under and around the buildings as "Association Common Area", this land
cannot be easily be demarcated on the Master Deed or on individual Grant

We already have a dog park, but it requires that someone always be present
watching the dogs.  For people who are away during the day and want a yard
for their dog behind their condo, the dog park does not work.  They want a
"Fenced Back Yard".

We already have "Exclusive Use Common Areas" (EUCA's) defined in each
condo's Title definition, which includes a porch, patio, and parking space.
However, additional space is desired adjacent to the condo for a dog
enclosure.  This would entail defining new EUCA's for individuals.  Either
we hire an engineer to survey these areas and change the boundaries marked
out on our master plan, or the Association can lease these areas to the dog

If anyone has seen similar arrangements, I would be interested learning
about the details.

Norm Gauss

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