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The Pasadena, CA Humane Society will not let anyone adopt their cats
unless they sign a written agreement that it will be an indoor cat. The
threat of house cats on wild birds is not just a perceived notion. You
could contact them to find out more about their research on this. 
This "pound" is one of the nicest I have ever been to, outdoor kennels,
misters for high temps. and a No Kill policy. 
Have you seen the new show on National Geographic Channel called The Dog
Whisperer? Call Cesar and ask him to help resolve/insight the issue. It
would be an interesting show for them. It is produced in L.A. 

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Hi-After reading some of the recent posts on dog runs, I was curious 
about how other communities are doing in general about pets and 
policies.  We, here at Ecovillage-Ithaca, continue to find this one of 
the most challenging discussions.
        I am looking for any policies that are currently in place and
insights on how to approach discussions on this topic in a fresh , 
innovative way. Any words of advice or inspiration are greatly 
welcomed. This topic seems to polarize us and we are having a hard time 
moving forward so the issue comes up from time to time and then gets 
tabled until it arises again. It has felt fairly unempowering as a 
community to be "stuck".
         We are particularly struggling with outdoor cats and their
(perceived much more by some and not at all by others) on wildlife and 
the bird population. Also, of concern are dogs who are unleashed in the 
neighborhood.  Thanks, Rachael

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