Re: Private Back Yard for Dog
From: Carol Seger (
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:12:19 -0700 (PDT)

We already have "Exclusive Use Common Areas" (EUCA's) defined in each
condo's Title definition, which includes a porch, patio, and parking space.
However, additional space is desired adjacent to the condo for a dog
enclosure. This would entail defining new EUCA's for individuals. Either we hire an engineer to survey these areas and change the boundaries marked out on our master plan, or the Association can lease these areas to the dog

Our community is also legally a condominium.  The Colorado
terminology is "Limited Common Element" or LCE, not EUCA.  Each of
our units has marked on the official legal definition two LCEs:
the front porch and the area to the rear of the unit out to 20 feet.

When we were moving in, some community members were concerned
that 20 feet wouldn't be enough, and so we figured out a
mechanism called an LCE extension.  Owners can apply to
our Design Review Committee to extend the area they use
behind their unit a maximum of 10 additional feet (for
a total of 30 feet).  Legally, this land doesn't change
status -- it is an agreement within our community only.
Owners are not charged for the land.  Owners can then
fence the entire area (LCE plus extention) and keep dogs
if desired.  Of our 30 ground floor units,  14 have fenced
back yards, most (but not all) for dogs.

We have 34 units on 4 acres, and have found that we have plenty
of land to allow for the LCE extensions.

River Rock, Fort Collins, CO.

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