re: chicken club, garden club
From: Sandy Thomson (
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 05:38:41 -0700 (PDT)

Here at Heartwood we too have a chicken club and a garden club and it works fine. I know of no members who want this to be a community venture. To me it adds a whole new layer of complication and discussion that to me would prevent me from wanting to participate. Going to the whole community for approval to change things in either area or to spend money would be cumbersome.

I think the chickens and the garden really add a lot to the community as far as interaction between members, trust building (we rely on each other to do our jobs and cover for each other) and just having fresh eggs and produce. It takes a lot more work to run these things as a community resource with little benefit that I see to doing it that way.

We have in the past run the garden the way you suggest but it fizzled out. Not enough participation. People here are very generous and no one would object to someone taking extra produce or using it for a common meal, especially if they asked first.

I hope this helps you with your comfort level on these kind of things. I know every community is different and some people on this list don't think clubs are a good idea. For us it works great. We may add a small animal club (goats, turkeys). I might try honey bees.

To me the more things that can get people involved with each other and the land the better.

Good luck.
In community,

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