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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 12:21:46 -0700 (PDT)
How about a cohousing trailer park?  I've mentioned it before, but maybe
people thought I was joking.  No.  I am tied to a job that drains most of my
energy and keeps me away from my community, just to be able to afford my
unit here.

My sister just bought a used trailer; it was quite inexpensive.  I look at
my ball-and-chain mortgage payment and wish I had had that option.

I believe Findhorn started in a trailer, after all.

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> Rose, I am working with a group that grew out of our small inner-city
church. Persons in this group include Ph. D's, recently homeless, gays and
lesbians, and disabled. Incomes are all over the scale.  We recently tried
to purchase a piece of property and really tried to put numbers to our
dreams - we learned that we need the numbers first. We are trying to develop
a 20 to 25 unit cohousing development with some rental, some studios, one
bedrooms, up to about four bedrooms. We want all units to be environmentally
friendly and accessible. Trying to do all that and build a commons house
(approximately $450,000 for commons house alone) proved to be too much for
us. So, we backed out of the deal and went back to the drawing board. I
agree that cohousing should allow for some cost savings and be affordable,
but it is difficult to do. But, we're still working towards that
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Pizza People &lt; roseames [at] &gt; wrote:3: MoneyDid you all start
out with 100k houses? Good grief! One of the advantages of cohousing could
be financial; is there any way those of us who aren't rich can get in on the
deal? Does anyone have experience/suggestions starting a community on a much
smaller budget? I envision building &amp; living in the common house while
saving money to build (small) individual homes. If we'd be likely to still
be speaking to each other by then.
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