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Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 07:47:30 -0700 (PDT)
Where is your common house? When does it get built? WOW. THIS IS WHEN YOU NEED IT!

An alternative - the household who already lives on site must be one of the original burning souls, and maybe they would be willing to have their home be the common house three evenings each week. Set up some rituals around food, or gardening together. Something that sound more positive than "meetings."

You need to spend time together to build community. Meetings are not the fun way to do that.

What is your community, and where?


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Hello all -
I'd like to get some ideas from other communities regarding frequency of community meetings. I have been polling my community members and would like to hear ideas from other communities.

My question is: Given the following information, what, in your experience, would be a 'next step' in terms of meeting frequency?

Right now we have 1 resident family and 5 families designing and building. All total, there will be 18 households. Each family bought a lot and is designing and "building" their own home. [The kind of 'building' that means hiring a builder : ) ]

There have been monthly,3 hour meetings. Given our legal structure, decisions are made by the LLC and Board of Directors. The agenda items for the community meetings are individual mailboxes, party planning, trash collection, and scheduling tractor use. We are to review our community mission statement and also discuss common land uses.

We have one member who feels strongly about more frequent and longer meetings. We can work on team building and trust building work and spend more time this summer 'Being a group'. This will pay off in the long run when we have bigger decisions to make. There is also concern that fewer meetings will mean less opportunity for potential members to 'sit in' on a meeting.

I have heard from 1 member who said there wouldn't be time to respond to my email until next month : )

Three members responded with feeling overwhelmed with personal responsibilities (moving to a rental house, building the new house) on top of community responsibilities (committee work, workshare, Board of Directors responsibilities). This is a unique, temporary, specific time in our community history since 3 (out of 6) families will be moving this summer to be closer to the community and that 5 families are working with designs and builders. One person proposed 90 days between meetings and greater communication on email or bulletin board.

There are 7 other members to hear from. Some members have not attended the community meetings for several months. At the last meeting, I heard a side theme of burnout and 'full plates'.

The issus is framed in the context of meeting frequency but could a broader question could be dealing with community burnout? OR balancing personal and community?

Your thoughts?  What has been the experience of your community?

Thank you for your time,
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