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Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 14:38:47 -0700 (PDT)
Congratulations!! Your plan sounds wonderful, especially with approx. 100 Acres for farming opportunities. Two questions, I interpreted your site to say that the lots are $200,000, lots with large houses $330,000. Is $330,000 the lot + house, or just the house? Second question, you say that 2 houses are set aside as affordable housing. How will that work? Are the houses built? If so, are they smaller? or cheaper in construction? If they are not built, how do you make them affordable? Are the lots cheaper?

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Hello Co-housers and those interested:

Good News from Vermont's Champlain Valley. A new co-housing community has broken ground.

On Monday, June, 27th, partners in Champlain Valley Co-housing (soon to be known as Common Pastures) held there official Groundbreaking.

Common Pastures is located in Charlotte, VT (12 miles south of Burlington) on a 125 acres of trees, pastures, ponds, and meadows. Common Pastures members plan to build 26 homes on a 10 acre site. The housing will consist of 14 attached units, comprised of two Quadplexes and two Triplexes, and 12 lots for Single Family homes centered on a village green. Two homes are set aside as affordable housing. There will be a 5000 square foot Common House and a ring road around residences for parking. Plans include space for organic gardening and small-scale farming operations.

Common Pastures currently has 11 partner and 6 exploring member families. Units range in size from 2bdr, 800+ square feet to nearly 1400 sq.ft. and 3 brd. They were designed by acclaimed local architect William McClay. Single Family Lot owners have the opportunity to design their own home or build one of three from a McClay design. All homes will be energy efficient, exceeding current Vermont Efficiency codes.

For more information about Common Pastures, including our members, our mission, and our site plan visit our website or contact Debbie Ramsdell at 802-425-2027.

Kelly Devine
Common Pastures
Champlain Valley Cohousing
hyghroad [at]
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