Fred the list manager back from Peru
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 11:38:42 -0700 (PDT)
The reason I had limited net access to manage the list the last 3 weeks
was because I was on vacation to Peru but I did not want to mention that
on the list since my house was sitting vacant while we were gone.  (I do
not live in cohousing :(     )  It was watched over by neighbors and my
brother but nonetheless it was vacant.   Amateur radio operators have 
learned the dangers of publicising their absence...  Public net access in
Peru is actually very good in urban places at the many little (typically
10 computers) Internet shops and it is cheap (typically $0.30 - $0.45 per
hour for fast access).

I will be getting to the list related items I defered in the next few days 
but if you dont get an expected reply by July 15 or so, send me message.
Thanks to those who kept an eye on the list in my absence.

Fred who enjoyed our first trip to Peru since we adopted my son there in 
     1989 (this was his first trip back to see the country of his birth).

Fred H. Olson  Minneapolis,MN 55411  USA        (near north Mpls)
Communications for Justice - My new listserv org.       UU, Linux
My Link Page:       Ham radio:WB0YQM
fholson at   612-588-9532   (7am-10pm Central time)

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