Re: Fred the list manager back from Peru
From: organic_now (
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 20:20:03 -0700 (PDT)
It sure was fun getting an email from you in Peru.  It made me think of all 
internet cafes that I have sat in around the world--in China, Thailand, Malta, 
Italy, etc.

Talking about around the world...have y'all seen the capabilities of the new 
Google Maps? Here is the one for San Mateo Ecovillage.,+San+Mateo,+CA+
Not only does it show you a very clear map that you can zoom in and out on, it 
also shows you satellite images, way cool...though they are off by one 
property for our location.  You can also create directions...and see them 
delininated either on a street map or the satellite image. Incredible.

Some of you may be saying, San Mateo Ecovillage...who is that.  If you 
haven't checked us out recently please do.  We are retrofitting in apartment 
building south of San Francisco.  After 7 years of waiting, we finally were 
the building next door to us so now we are really ready to do cohousing.  We 
have been a community of renters for many years.  Our site has links from the 
cohousing site...among others, and that is an old picture of my husband and 
our home on the Retrofit Cohousing site.  

Sanda Everette

--- In cohousing-L [at], Fred H Olson <fholson@c...> wrote:
> The reason I had limited net access to manage the list the last 3 weeks
> was because I was on vacation to Peru ...Public net access in
> Peru is actually very good in urban places at the many little (typically
> 10 computers) Internet shops and it is cheap (typically $0.30 - $0.45 per
> hour for fast access).

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