Designing and Specifying CH Kitchens
From: Chris ScottHanson (
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 11:09:05 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all...

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

I have a question for you about some basic assumptions I am making about common house kitchen design. It goes like this.

Am I right in assuming that

DURING DESIGN, a common house kitchen for 34 households should be designed with, at least:
a) two high quality, quiet and efficient residential refrigerators
b) two high quality, high capacity residential (insulated) ranges, with 4 - 6 burners each c) at least one soup ring of at least 30,000 BTU (maybe better 40,000 BTU)
d) two high quality residential range hoods, one over each range
e) high quality high capacity, probably commercial grade, dishwashing facilities
f)  integrated dish wash area, preferably at countertop height.
g) separate, social multi-cook food prep area

a) leave out the commercial dishwashing system (to help avoid having to install a fully commercial grade kitchen) but including the counters and all the space required for the dishwashing system.
b) include and install everything else

a) install a commercial dishwashing system (90 second clean cycle, or similar) (My preference would be counter top level so there is no bending and lifting, and with slide in and slide out capability for the big trays. Dish storage IN THE TRAYS is always good, if possible, so that clean dishes are not handled, and contaminated.)

If cohousing design professionals have opinions they are willing to share here, I would love to know what all of you think.


Chris ScottHanson

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