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    A HEPA filtering device only removes particulates.  HEPA stands for High
Energy Particulate Air.

    In order to remove the VOC's given off by candles and fragrances, you
need an activated carbon filter.  Many years ago I got so sick from Sterno
heaters at a party that I lost my powers of speech and could hardly walk.
If large activated carbon filter devices had been used, I probably would
have at least been able to explain my problem to others.  As it turned out,
I barely made my way to the front door before passing out.

    In our community, I cannot attend community affairs when odors from
cooking are present.  I get terrible headaches from onions, garlic, and many
spices.  Even the odor of cooking vegetables is too much for me to endure.
We have a large noisy exhaust fan over our common house stove, but people
are reluctant to use it because of the noise.  Also, our forced-air system
blows kitchen odors out into the entire building.  Until this is fixed, I
continue to be absent from community meals.

Norm Gauss

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> On Aug 1, 2005, at 8:30 PM, Mary English wrote:
> > I'm not the only one in the group with asthma.  Several families have
> > children with asthma, one of whom  ends up regularly in the ER.
> Would a good HEPA air purifying system work?  I"ve found that with the
> ultra allergen filters from 3-M and leaving the fan on on my HVAC, I
> have no longer needed an air purifier (but I do not have asthma). We
> also use good filters in the commonhouse but do not leave the fan on.
> When we are preparing for a meeting I go in and turn it on for a few
> hours to clear the air. I would think the candle and incense burners
> could do the same thing.
> Sharon
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