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From: Peg Blum (
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 07:39:19 -0700 (PDT)
  Michael, in Cambridge Cohousing (MA) we decided, before our 41 households
moved in, that we wanted as few Rules and Regulations as possible.  We had 4
rules adopted before move-in (Parking, Accessory Uses of Units, Rentals,

  5 years after move-in we adopted a rule on Smoking because it had become
an issue of concern and we needed written clarification to help folks deal
with the issue.  (It was always accepted that there would be no smoking in
common interior space.)  BTW during the 3 years of development no community
member was a smoker...but then visitors and family members and a closet
smoker surfaced, but it still took us 5 years to decide we needed a rule!

  You may view our bylaws and rules and regs on our website.

  After 7 years of living in community, I think our minimalist approach is
working well.  When issues arise, we do try to discuss as a community and
sometimes refer problems to our Community Life Committee or our Managing
Board.  One can never anticipate exactly which issues will become
problematic for your community and we believed it was best to deal with the
issues as they arose.  (Not every concern needs a regulation!  Sometimes it
just needs discussion at a general meeting or on email.)

  Peg Blum

  pegb [at]

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  > We are a young EcoVillage; the ninth home is under construction.  There
  > been a bit of discussion here over the magnitude of the rules and
  > regulations and the level of control that is appropriate for the
  > association to exert over the residents....
  > Architectural & Environmental Guideline document currently at 79 pages,
  > our Bylaws weigh in at 37 pages....
   Any experience you would like to share would be most
  > appreciated.

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