electronic decision logs
From: meikamonagmail (meikamonagmail.com)
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 04:49:31 -0700 (PDT)
Gday from Tasmania, Australia

electronic decision logs

We're ( www.cohousingcoop.org) just about to set one up. We've been ready to go for some _years_ but we have a somewhat anti-techno grouping among us, which leaves the techno users somewhat bemused.

I suggest using blog software engine.

[or for a more 'groupware' perspective use a CMS or "content management system". To see lots of thse go to

But just using a blogging engine keeps it simple.

We are going to use the blogging engine called b2evolution, entry is via a web browser, this is put in a mySQL database via PHP, and viewing and searching is via your favourite browser. Available for all Operating Systems.

b2evolution website has the instructions, and we run it on a linux red hat box, but this is about to be migrated to SME Server


SME server is at
( it is actually red hat, but has a smaller footprint and just runs file sharing, email, webserver, LAN and router/gateways, very nice admin configuratioin is a webserver interface like smoothwall router/gateway (http://www.smoothwall.net/), small community though)

Our cohousing shares a 1.5 wireless broadband connection. 12 houses on one account.

Keep the blogs internal to your coho LAN. Avoid that insurance agent doing some research easily.

We run seperate blogs for seperate committees, as well as seperate blogs for various larger meetings (the property blog includes lists of contacts, which contractor did what, what house and the name of bolt they used.... did they smile? and lotsa photos)

these blogs are only as good as the information put in, get a few lazy bods in, then no info will be entered, and no one will see the point of them.

meika loofs samorzewski

five years on site

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