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Dear Norm,
Though I am not a lawyer, I believe the legal term is "Limited Common  Area." 
 That is, areas owned by the HOA (Homeowners Association) or Condo  
Association but for which use is limited to one owner or a limited group of  
Our ( back yards are limited common areas  for the use of 
the owner.  Of course, the HOA needs to retain a so-called  "easement" to be 
able to enter the back yard for maintenance and  inspections.
I am on a committee examining parking in our cohousing development.   We have 
considered users fees similar to what you have proposed.  They  can be used 
not only to maintain the parking lot, but also to ration a valuable  and 
limited common resource.  We have one member without a car or a need  for a 
space, and might consider "rewarding" her by setting fees so that  those who 
have no car would see their overall monthly assessment fall.  I  fancy charging 
$10 a month for this first parking space, $20 for the second, and  $30 for 
the third used by a particular unit.  (We have had up to three cars  per unit, 
usually where there are three drivers.)  This would bring in far  more than is 
needed to maintain the parking lot.  The excess could be used  to support the 
general budget.
David Clements
>From Norm Gauss:

We are  in the process of defining parcels of community-owned land as
private-use  areas behind people's homes. We are, for the most part, of the
opinion that  such use should be without cost to the owner.

We have a policy of  charging $25 per month for use of an extra parking
space.  If a  household needs more than one car, then they must pay to use
extra parking  spaces.  Each condominium home is already entitled to one free
parking  space.  Only extra ones need to be paid for.


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