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   Included in the title of each condo is a small exclusive use common area
in the back of the unit.  Normally this is a concrete patio, but sometimes
it is a deck.

   Some people would like to define a piece of community-owned land in
addition to their patio or deck as their expanded exclusive use common area,
and surround it by a fence.  It has been argued that if there is no upkeep
required from the community of this area, there logically should be no
charge for it.  In most cases there will be fences, in which case upkeep of
the fence might be a reason to charge for the space.

    As for parking spaces, there is a need for upkeep of the pavement.  This
can be a justification for charging a fee for parking.

    If we use the argument that anything required of the community for
upkeep of these facilities requires payment from the people using them, then
there is likely no double standard.  In fact, that will be the reasoning I
intend to follow in setting policy on private-use areas.

Norm Gauss
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> Norm,
> You wrote:
> "Each condominium home is already entitled to one free
> parking space. Only extra ones need to be paid for.
> Both the extra parking spaces and the private-use areas are
community-owned land. I think that there is a double standard here where
parking spaces must be paid for, but private-use areas behind people's homes
are free."
> IMHO, there is no double standard here:  the private-use area behind
people's homes is analogous to their one free parking space that is provided
with no charge.  If one of the households would want to carve out more
private-use garden than the size allotted to each households, they should
pay extra for that.
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