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Some things Norm didn't mention in his email is that the private backyard space being contemplated is in addition to the small concrete patio currently provided as the backyard EUCA for each (most) owners. The community has agreed that the folks who wish to use this land will pay for all water and will take care of maintaining it. They will also make a donation to the community of a not-yet set amount for each community tree that falls within the property. Generally, the land being requested is not likely to be used by others in the community since the land is directly behind each unit and edges against a perimeter fence so no one would be there normally. There is one area under dispute where the fence is quite a distance away so there is some common land that others will/can use.

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You wrote:

"Each condominium home is already entitled to one free
parking space. Only extra ones need to be paid for.

Both the extra parking spaces and the private-use areas are community-owned land. I think that there is a double standard here where parking spaces must be paid for, but private-use areas behind people's homes are free."

IMHO, there is no double standard here: the private-use area behind people's homes is analogous to their one free parking space that is provided with no charge. If one of the households would want to carve out more private-use garden than the size allotted to each households, they should pay extra for that.

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